Do you believe that people who don’t exercise are less productive?

By joy
@MGjhaud (20866)
September 23, 2007 5:47am CST
I don’t. It’s more on motivation to achieve something at the end of the day. You don’t have to stretch muscles to awaken every length of your body, right?
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• Philippines
17 Oct 07
I cannot say that those people who do not exercise are less productive, as they are able to do some normal routine activities which are the same as with the people who used to exercise regularly. The only difference is that people who used to exercise are much active and strong when compared for those who do not. Their strength is good and they are well nourished when it comes on being physically fit. When the person exercises, he or she is burning the bad cholesterol and calories in the body which is very good, as this will prevent them to have heart problems in the future. Those who do not exercise are likely to suffer some medical problems, such as stroke if they are not following some restriction guidelines when eating their own meal. So as much as possible, you have to follow the balance dietary pattern if ever you are having hard time exercising regularly. Have a nice day and God speed!
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@nitabe (6)
• United States
2 Nov 07
I don't. Although a person doesn't have a regular routine in place dosen't neccessarly mean that they don't exercise. (Ex: running around after kids all day if a person has any is exercise and a workout all in it's self.) Peace, Love and Abundance! Nitabe
• Philippines
25 Sep 07
You have to atleast stretch your body when you wake in the morning. Productive, i think its all in the mind. If you motivate yourself, even without exercise you can still be productive. Me, i just motivated myself. If i want to be productive, i will be productive.
• Philippines
23 Sep 07
actually, we really need to do some exercises everyday. if we don't, we will feel tired easily and find life so boring and we just couldn't pinpoint the reason why we are feeling so low. exercises need not be all that difficult to do. the common stretchings that we do upon waking up will be good amount if we extend to run for five minutes for more. it is a habit of ours that we stretch our body as we get out of bed, right? then we walk some distance everyday. the more and the longer the time we shall spend walking, the better. if we spend walking each day something like thirty minutes from home to work or maybe while shopping or walking a friend home, that must just be fine. so you see, we flex those muscles and do some exercises at most times, without even noticing it at all.