Favorite Quotes?

September 23, 2007 10:52pm CST
What are your all-time favorite Family Guy quotes? here are some of mine: Stewie: Well, my objective becomes clear...the broccoli MUST DIE! Peter: Lois, it's about time I started treating you like the piece of schmitt that you are! Lois: It's pewterschmitt. Towel boy: Um, excuse me sir, you can't park your van there. Peter (or was it Lois?): That's my SON! Towel boy: Oh! hey! It's not a van, it's just a fat kid! Meg: Last time we left dad home alone, he turned the house into a giant puppet! Neil (talking to meg): What has four eyes and one pair of lips?? Me and you at the winter snowball! Lois: Brian, what's wrong with Peter? He's not cramming hors deurves in his mouth, or asking anyone to pull his finger...this is not the man I married! Brian (drunk): ...So technically that makes you available?
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