September 23, 2007 11:08pm CST
My 8 year old daugher who is the best in school, wets her bed. She has been on Mirin, a medication and we have been told by the doctor to slowly take her off the meds. But whenever she skips a day, in the morning the bed is wet again. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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@quelsg (51)
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
Make sure that before she goes to bed she have already emptied her bladder and no more fluids should be taken. If your girl forgets about it try to wake her up in the middle of the night and ask her to go to the toilet. If she wakes in the morning dry praise her and give her a reward. If she's wet again don't get upset instead ask her to help you clean up her bed. Anxiety increases the tendency to bedwetting. Explore how she feels about it and try to empathize with her. Don't ask, "are you okay?" instead ask her, "how do you feel about it?" Tell her that if you are in her shoes you will feel the same way too so you are not angry. It lessens the guilt of the child once she knows that you understand her. BTW, what is the generic name of Mirin? How is your relationship with your daughter? and the rest of the family towards her? Are you a strict/authoritarian parent? Ask her what are those that bothers her? Sometimes unresolved conflicts or worries manifest in this kind of symptoms.
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@hgosinski (153)
• United States
24 Sep 07
Poor baby, that's got to be horrible for her I bet. My son is ten, and doesn't have this problem. Do the doctors know the root of the bed wetting? I know that you don't want to keep her on medication, but maybe in time she will overcome this...and in the mean time, maybe cut her doe in half? Wish I could be of some help. But just know that from one mom to another, I wish you and your daughter the best with this.
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