What things can you do with music?

@catbvq (364)
September 30, 2007 8:52pm CST
If you love music that much, what things which you think are fun to do with it? Here are my list, feel free to add to these: 1. Make compilations or build a music library 2. Become a music information source, build a website for it, research about a singer/band by getting to know interesting facts beyond the music or compare and contrast by discovering who sounds alike. 3. At parties, play "Name that Tune." 4. Be a "Karaoke" expert/professional. 5. Practice dance moves, lip sync, or learn to play an instrument. 6. Put it at a good use, work at a music store, be an aerobic instructor, be in a band, or become a dj 7. Write songs, be a music critic through blogging, or try your hand at scoring a film.
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