What's really the best way to sell handmade stuff?

United States
September 30, 2007 11:31pm CST
Just curious, especialyl in the southern california area. If anyone knows, please fill me in!! I hae been doing a little bit on ebay (actually, not in a month or so now, been pretty busy with other stuff) but that takes time, and you don't always get what you are looking to profit, plus the shipping part can be a little bit tricky, cause you gotta kind guess with some stuff, and it's just too much drama! Anyways, I have looked into the Orange County marketplace, and it seems like it might be a good idea, just a little scary though cause it's totally new to me. So..... Anyone with any craft fair experience, or who knows any good venues for that kind of thing, especially in so cal, lemme know! I would love a better way to market the items I make then ebay. All help is appreciated!
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