I am not the best cook and want to make these ribs

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October 6, 2007 10:29am CST
As you may know I bought my first meat plan this month. I want to make these ribs tomorrow. I have some duck sauce from the china market. I want to make them with this. I have not to many other extras to add. have you made a topping or spread with duck sauce? If so please tell me how to add that extra touch to my ribs. I don't remember the bar b q sauce I am allergic to so I can't buy any. Thanks for the help :)
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• United States
6 Oct 07
Being allergic to BBQ sauce makes ribs difficult for sure. I have no idea what is in duck sauce or what it tastes like. I'd imagine with any sauce you would probably still want to poke the meat and add tenderizer (I use seasoned, but unseasoned tenderizer is available), and I always add some onion powder no matter what type of sauce I'll be using. Try A-1 next time if the duck sauce doesn't work out for you. Add a little sprinkle of celery seed and a tiny bit of brown sugar to the A-1 before basting the ribs. Good luck, let us know how they turned out.