Annoying habits....

October 14, 2007 7:14pm CST
Do you ever notice people's annoying habits? I just noticed one of my brother's fiancee's annoying habit. She likes to sing at the dinner table while we are all eating. I don't know about you but i find it kind of annoying. Especially since she can't sing!!! What annoying habits do you notice through other people or even your own annoying habits that you find yourself doing?
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@babyangie27 (5177)
• United States
15 Oct 07
Lol yes the annoying habbits,ugh I have several of my own and every day I seem to find a new one about my hubby,like he picks his eyelashes,yuck! I interpt all the time,but sometimes that's how things are you know?
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
15 Oct 07
Hi rockerchick! Oh, that is somehow funny and annoying at the same time. haha..She can't sing but insists on singing but singing over the dinner table? Oh my! As for me, I get annoyed at people who spit on the streets or publicly. I find it annoying and gross. Take care and have a nice day.
• United States
15 Oct 07
she sings at the dinner table? even when ppl are having a conversation? lol is it under her breath or loud? omg that would drive me nuts no matter what!! i know my leg bouncing tends to annoy ppl, i TRY not to do it. my 12yr old has a habit of slurping foods. not only soup, but she will make the same slurping noise with icecream, mashed potatoes...its disgusting and i have to tell her not to at every evening meal! drives me bonkers.