How do you end your conversation at the Phone?

@n30wing (4771)
October 16, 2007 2:50am CST
Sometimes getting off the phone can be an art in itself. Certain people you know the type ignore all the subtle signals you give; they just keep talking. Here are some tips on how to free yourself more quickly: *Warn them in advance that your time is limited: It's sounds interesting, but I've got to leave here in 5 minutes, can you tell me about it briefly? *Try inserting, "before we hang up as a mental warning to the other person that this call will end soon. *Try pretending someone has arrived at the front door and that you must answer it. *For the person who calls frequently, you'll soon run out of contrived exit lines. Try leveling with them : "I really can't spend a lot of times on the telephone. Let's just speak briefly when we need to and meet for lunch instead.
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