Job Seeking Stress

October 22, 2007 6:51pm CST
Hard to know where to start here. Ok let me sell myself as they say. Not very well either haha. Im not stupid i did well in school got some good grades went on to further education. Admittedly not studying anything practical! But I do believe I have common sense and im a hard worker even if I hate my job and believe me thats been every job ive ever had! And my referees will attest to that fact. Ok so my CV is hardly astonishing Ive never managed to stay in a single job for a year but that wasnt always my fault! Ive never been fired. I have experience in a variety of fields so that makes me resourceful right? Basically Im not trying to be CEO of a global telecommunications company Im just looking for a small job to fun my own business venture. Something like shop work which Ive done before or even cleaning that Ive also done before. Now the fun part its been a good 1 year ive diligently been going to the job centre looking for vacations that suit me, filling my application or sending off my CV. Then waiting. Often pointlessly as a good 60% never bother to acknowledge you. another 20% say thanks but you dont fit their profile. Yet another 20% invite you to the dreaded interview. I dont interview well. I know it. Ive read job sites picked up tips, practised perfect answers. Then I get there and say something monumentally stupid! But then again even when I think its gone well Ive got good signals it still comes to nothing. I hate that line. "Well be in touch". Once again 90% never bother to tell you you havent got the job. 10% call to say you havent got the job. I know its not easy to rejct someone face to face but I do believe they know at the end of the interview you havent got it why not say? Or how long does it take to call instead of leaving someone with pointless hope? In these past 2 weeks ive filled about 10 applications been to 4 interviews had 4 well be in touch and only one got back to say sorry no luck. Its disheartening. Then the worse experience was when I went to enquire about a vacancy in a shop window of a small shop something that would suit me to a T. It was like the Spanish Inquisition as the woman looked at me like scum and barked questions at me. It wasnt an interview this was just giving my details for the owner to get in touch with me! I felt like a jerk! And that was friday its now tuesday and not a peep and im too proud to go back again. So Id love to hear from others like me who are sick of being treated like a scum bag cos they havent got a job but are trying damn hard to find one if someone would just give them a chance. Let it all out people!
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