By Raz
@razcal2267 (15577)
United States
October 26, 2007 8:50am CST
I just like this word and I was thinking today that we all have things tat make us quiver, whether it be from something we are thinking about or something someone says that triggers a memory of sorts or something that excites us that they have said. (Please try not be too graphic) What is something that makes you quiver with joy or excitement? What is something that makes you quiver in a bad or creepy way?
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@Sissygrl (10999)
• Canada
31 Jan 08
I dont think i've ever had a GOOD quiver moment.. But i have lots of bad quivers.. A lot of memories from when i used to drink too much make me quiver!! When i'm laying in bed an trying to go to sleep, and my brain wont turn off.. I run through all the what if's that could happen. or could have happened that day.. lol i think from talking with some of my friends about this mostly women do it! But i think what if such and such happened, like i leave my kid with her dad and he looks away for a second and she runs out into the street, that sort of thing, makes me QUIVER. Is a good quiver like .. goosebumps almost ? cause bagpipes give me good sensations.. i dunno why.
@Sissygrl (10999)
• Canada
24 Feb 08
Thanks raz :)
@barehugs (8992)
• Canada
25 Feb 08
I reached over my shoulder and pulled another arrow from my Quiver. I was unusually calm as I fitted the arrow into the bow-string and slowly drew it back. The angry black bear turned his shaggy head and growled as he pushed through the matted underbrush, his deadly teeth gleaming in his open mouth. The next arrow twanged as it left the string,and struck the snarling monster in the throat, dropping it instantly to the forest floor.I was all a quiver as I stood gazing in awe at the dying Beast.