What are you doing to help the environment?

November 2, 2007 3:08am CST
Just a question to see what (if anything) some of the Mylot members are doing to lessen the burden on the environment. I`m not talking about the easy answers like "I recycle my can`s" ... are there any members here that truly work hard at trying to ensure that we (humans) don`t trash the world to the point where it becomes uninhabitable? Me? 1. I make it a point to correct and educate others when i see them doing something that is dangerous or irresponsable. 2. I also installed a solar panel on my house to help heat my water. 3. I installed an extra water tank on my house so that i can use "gray" water for my toilets and for watering my yard. there are other things that i do, but i am curious if anyone else is doing anything or are my efforts being made in vain ?
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• India
2 Nov 07
To protect and save the environment,i think collective effort is needed.We have to educate and aware people about the conciseness of harming the environment.Now our government banned the usage of plastic carry bags and now we are using paper bags instead of plastic bags.Plastic is very difficult to recycle compare to other materials.It is the duty of young generation people to protect the environment and preserve it in a good shape for coming generation people.
@tatzkie (644)
• Philippines
2 Nov 07
me i... 1. throw garbage properly. segragation. 2. minimize use of aerosol with cfc. 3. educate and advocate issues about the environment. thatz all i can do at the least.