"Meet Joe Black," what is/are your favorite line(s) and why?

Meet Joe Black - Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins stars in the 1998 movie "Meet Joe Black". The movie was depicting how "Death" had his vacation on earth and took hold of a man's body then fallen in love with a woman named Susan. :-)
November 16, 2007 3:35am CST
I love that movie, i love the actors and actresses, i love the story. Its a cute story, not so heavy themed but when you listened to the dialogues, one can say that the writer of the film definitely makes sense. Its about life, death, love and what really are the most important things on earth.. So i have watched it over and over and over again (so many times! maybe a hundred times is an exaggeration) lolz. But i just loved that movie plus i loved Brad Pitt (aka Joe Black) and Claire Forlani (aka Susan Parrish) there!There are lots of definitely must-memorize lines there but my one-all time favorite is from Anthony Hopkins (aka William Parrish) who said to his daughter Susan, "Stay open, you never know, lightning could strike." Of course, he was referring to "true love" for it to come in Susan's way.. sometimes i need to hear those words really and it help me not to lose hope that one day God will grant me my heart's desire.:-) There! That's the reason why i love that line!So, did you also love the movie? I'm sure you have in your mind (or heart) your favorite line or dialouge from the movie! Do share it...
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16 Nov 07
I really this movie though I don't have a favorite line or dialogue. I like the whole story and how they deliver the lines and show case each character. I also like brad pitt he's so handsome and a good actor too. I salute the writer of this story as well as the director of the movie they are so good!
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19 Nov 07
Yes dhedows, i really find brad pitt handsome in this movie.. he looks like the boy-next-door type here. lolz. Besides he's still young in this movie. Maybe we can register in the brad pitt's fans club now.. :-)