ball python Reaper

Reaper  - This is Reaper, an approximately 3 year ball python. Right now she's on a so far two month hunger strike, so hope she'll start eating soon.
United States
November 17, 2007 3:37pm CST
Here's Reaper looking like she can live up to her name lol. She's an absolute sweetheart though, has never done any harm.
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@hopejordan (3566)
• Australia
17 Nov 07
hi there cloudage i have never seen a snake close up i only seen them on cable tv do you know animal planet there all sorts os snakes on there the rattle snake they look so sacry and python i have seen on tv and i dont like the look of them they really have huge mouths it really scared me they way they eat i would not like them in my home no way but my daughters friend has a couple of pythons he has them in his tank and he said to me that those ones won't hurt you but i dont trust it he lives up the road from me i am from Australia thanks for this discussion
• United States
17 Nov 07
you're lucky to be in Australia. If I was there I would be out herping all day :) Do you see alot of snakes? In the states there's only I believe 3 species thats venomous, the rattle, copperhead and coral snake. What kind of pythons does your friend have?
• United States
5 Jan 08
Actually the water moccasins are venomous here in the states as well. There is also the cottonmouth that you left out. I have no fear of snakes, just because I understand them. I would rather have a snake in my house than a mouse. It makes me mad when people swerve to hit the snakes yet feel bad if they run over a rabbit or a squirrel. They are all God's creatures.
@tismesara (113)
• United States
8 Sep 08
how cool!!1 I love snakes! they can be sooo sweet! we had a small corn that was my daughters. she loved him and raised him since he was small.. then he got big and someone forgot to put the big book on his cage and he pushed it open and got out....