Drunker’s Dilemma?

@scorpio16 (1707)
November 24, 2007 11:17am CST
I am a regular drinker of about 8-10 pegs daily. I wish to leave it all of a sudden. Can I do this. I think, if left it suddenly, this could effect my body badly. Your ideas are requested.
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@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
25 Nov 07
Hello, sorpio! how old r u?of what age u may be when u have decided to give up the habit of drinking it is quite good for u as well as for the family.have that determination and give it up at once,of course first day u may feel the lust. but control your self and manage without it and instead of going out side stay with your wife and children.don't allow friends to disturb u.in off hours be at home and engage your self with My Lotters and feel the joy.we are here to guide u to victory.wish u good luck.have nice days.
@benjrets (217)
• Indonesia
28 Nov 07
if you want to quit drinking do it slowly by reducing your drink , dont do it suddenly , its bad for your body.it seens like its already become a habit , and to change habit need alot of time.
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
27 Nov 07
That would be withdrawal symptom - the body's reaction after withdrawing something from something that the body is used to. Anyways, just take off the bad habit in baby steps. Since you are determined, take things slowly. You will get by. Lessen it to 5-day for one week, then 3-day, and 2-day, and to nothing a day. I hope you will do great with this. :)