How long does it take to see results?

United States
November 28, 2007 11:29am CST
He mylot friends,as you may know I was going for the gastric by pass. After all the doctors tests and qualifying for it. Getting all the info an such. I decided to give it one last chance on my own. I don't eat rice any longer. I don't buy sugar for my home any longer. I stopped drinking sodas my passion. I don't eat little Debbies or any cakes any longer. And so much more oh I drink water or splenda made tea by 4c. I have not got to get my big rear end in a pair of jeans. They can even zip with ease. I am still fat and trying. How long should it take before I see better results? I wear a 15 in jeans and large shirt. I am looking to go down to 13-14 Thanks
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• Germany
29 Nov 07
Hi I wish u all the best.It will be better to consult also a psychosomatic doctor.I feel that he can also help u alot.I am also working in the meical field.I know the difficulties of undergoing several medical diagnostical techniques endoscoie........It is really surprising that u r too young for this type of problems.
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29 Nov 07
I dont know how to advise you. I am going on dec 21st to the cleveland clinic to set my surgery date for the gastric bypass surgery. So I was all out of options. I know that you need to be at least 100 lbs over weight or have a medical condition. At a size 15, I dont know that you would qualify? Have you seen a dr for it yet? They may recommend a nutritionist. I know before my surgery they want a certain amount of pounds off and they have you do that by 800 calories a day. You are only allowed to drink slim fast optima or carnation breakfast for 2 weeks. Maybe that would be worth a try. I know they said some people lost 30 lbs in twoo weeks by doing that.
@sweetcakes (3505)
• United States
29 Nov 07
Hello and congratulations on you deciding to loose the weight on your own. very proud of u fitting into your pair of jeans. keep up the good work. and don't give up my friend stay blessed
@Polly1 (12649)
• United States
28 Nov 07
If you wear a size 15 you are in no way big enough for gastric by pass surgery. You might be big but not that big. I am bigger then you are and I am not big enough for that kind of surgery. I will tell you what, we can go on a diet together, we can challange each other. I recently quit smoking and put on some pounds that I don't want. I am tall close to 6 ft. so my weight does spread out on my body, that does help. I have consciencely made a decision to loose some weight. We can encourage each other. Drinking green tea helps speed up your metabolism and that helps you to burn calories faster. Also keeping a food diary helps, write down everything you eat or drink. Sometimes we munch on things without realizing the calories. Good luck to you.