working with my daughter with ADHD

United States
December 1, 2007 6:57pm CST
I am trying to keep her off the meds. Not because I don't like them. It is the best I have had so far. Because my daughter feels I don't except her as she is. I have been told by the teachers she is focusing and raising her hand more. Fine school is doing good and she is passing. At home I have to talk to her a thousand times about the same thing. karisma don't leave food on the counters. Please take the food and throw it out. karisma stop walking over stuff you mess up. Please just bend down and pick it up. Oh sorry mommie I didn't see it. She is stomping when she walks on this old building floor. Constantly it's the phone hugging and not cleaning her room. I have seen it gets the job done when I unplug the phone. Oh she will get up then and do it. Over all how do I get my daughter to know I except her. I just can't deal with talking to her so much. It caused me to spazz out yesterday and she wanted to call the police on me. She woke up this morning good morning mommie. I love you with this big smile. It hurts my heart to get so mad.
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@thenurse (16)
• Philippines
2 Dec 07
they say with constant patience, everyone can change. I think you are not the only one who's got issues regarding that. Your child too you may not notice it but she may be trying to do something good out of her sickness. It may not seem the best things for you but look at it this way, only you her mother would be the first and last person for her to lean on. Giving up is not your option, if you leave her now who else will understand her. It is not only your life, it's her life too. I think what she's trying to tell you is to try a bit more. Being psychologically impaired is not an easy thing for her to deal with alone, she needs your constant support and reassurance that you will be there for her no matter what and you'll in the end it will pay off. ;)
@sedel1027 (17854)
• United States
2 Dec 07
Sounds like to me that she isn't ADHD and she is just your typical kid. If she was ADHD she wouldn't be able to focus and do as well as she does in school. I bet she was another mis-diagnosed kid. I would definitely keep her off the meds especially since they can mess up how your body develops.