December 17, 2007 8:52am CST
I love japanese food like sukiyakidon sushi and sashimi.i think my best friend and i click because both of us love japanese dishes
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• Philippines
6 Feb 08
i love japanese's very oishii(yummy).some of my favorite japanese foods are sushi,yakitori,soba,udon and ramen.i always ask my father to eat at japanese restaurants when we are at the mall.
@jcj_111776 (3220)
• Philippines
25 Dec 07
The only japanese food that I like is shrimp tempura. And nothing else. But I did try the raw fish and I'm sorry I don't know what it's called. I had the experience of tasting this kind of food when I was doing my practicum in a japanese restaurant. It was kind of tasty especially when it's dipped in a special soy sauce. Unfortunately, my co-worker, of which I didn't know she did that to me, dipped the raw fish first in wasabe(which I didn't like) then proceeded to cover it in soy sauce. And the result was a disaster. I almost threw up because of the strong taste of the wasabe and not to mention, almost choking on the fish!lol
@jean0827 (306)
• Malaysia
25 Dec 07
I love Japanese food too~ I love most of them, I eat Japanese food for a few times per month~XD