Parents attitude about marriage

@scorpio16 (1707)
December 18, 2007 11:11am CST
Why parent’s preassurise for Arrange marriage instead of Love marriage.Is it for money?
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• Pakistan
29 Dec 07
Parents want to establish a combined family. The do not like to leave the couple free and alone. They want an stable future of the couple. They decide every thing in favor and benefit of new married couple as well as the other members than the family of new married couple. They want to keep continue the governing action of their parenthood. Love marriage is some thing different than arranged married. In such type of marriage parents do not feel responsibilities. They are ignored and bypassed in case of love marriage. So they do not like and could not favor the love marriage.
• India
25 Dec 07
LOL, this is the second post about arranged marriage/love marriage I am responding to. Are you from India? It seems we Indians are obsessed with this arranged marriage/love marriage issue. Now I dunno if you are a guy or a gal. You would appreciate these words better if you are a guy. How would you accept the idea of your sister having a love affair with someone? Would you permit your daughter to love a man of her choice? I have known so many brothers/fathers who went mad coz their sisters/daughters fell in love with a guy. Knowing the nature of the men in my country, I openly say that IF my daughter dares to 'love' I will kill her. Sounds harsh? Sometimes, I hate myself for saying it. But frankly, I am terrified about my daughters safety the same way millions of parents are in India. What will happen if this love fails? The girl might go into depression. Her neighbours will never allow her to forget it. If her parents try to get her an arranged match after this affair, the relatives of the prospective groom will do some detective work and say that this girl might not be suitable for their darling boy because she had a love affair before. Hmm, what do you say? Marry your parents choice. "Love" is more complicated in India than it is in America.
@arun057 (281)
• India
18 Dec 07
Actually it makes a lot of sense though we may not realize it. after all they have more experience in life than us, not only that, it prevents genetic trouble as well, but if the person in question is totally unrelated, that is when the trouble starts.