Long Sentences for discussions makes your earnings bigger!!

@oliverdt (1959)
December 19, 2007 6:55am CST
Is this true, I just heard from one of the member that responding with a long sentence make your earning bigger. IMO Its just his idea, and he told me that the ctrl+v is disabled by mylot cuz' pasting a long sentence, poem or moto makes your earning bigger. IS THIS TRUE????
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• United States
19 Dec 07
I don't know how true it is and don't care. I don't think it matters with the ctrl+v. That is not how I copy and paste. Also those long 5 and 6 paragraph posts I don't read. I just have to pass them by. It's just too much to read and then responding to it may not be what I want. No problem
@oliverdt (1959)
• Philippines
19 Dec 07
I see...
@chrislotz (8203)
• Canada
19 Dec 07
It's not one long sentence that increases your earnings. It's to have several sentences. You need to make your discussions and responses at least 4 to 5 sentences. It's called quality not quantity that makes more money. Once you reach 500 posts you will be able to copy and paste. But copy and paste are only for typing in word and then coping into here. Or for pasting a link or an intersting comment, from some other site on the internet.