Do you buy lip medex for your chapped lips?

United States
December 24, 2007 2:40pm CST
I mean the little round blue blistex. I have this crack in the center of my lip. It hurts so much when it's peeling. I have to paste my lips with this good stuff. I always find this for $1.99 and I buy it. Then a few days ago I went to the dollar store. It was there for .99 so I had to buy 5 of them for the savings. Now I can't find 4 of them. What do you use to heal chapped lips?
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
27 Dec 07
I use lip balm all the time in the winter. I just got a new one that has wintergreen in it and I noticed that I was breaking out around my lips. So, I read the ingredients in it and low and behold there's cocoa in which I'm severely allergic to! So needless to say, I quit using it and will go back to regular Blistex and not the flavored. Guess I'll have to take a magnifying glass with me to the dollar store lol. When I run out I just use a little vaseline.
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@estherlou (5017)
• United States
24 Dec 07
I have always used Avon. I like their moisture therapy lip gloss right now and have one in almost every room in the house and a couple at work.
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@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
28 Dec 07
I usually use blistex too and i ment to buy some when i was at the store earlier, and I plum forgot! That was pretty silly of me. If i dont have any chap stick, or blistex, then i usually just stick some vasaline on them over night. That seems to help a lot. as long as your not one of those people who lick their lips all through the night. LOL. Tyra Banks says if you put vasaline on your lips and brush them with a toothbrush, it does some miracle.. lip thing.. lol i was barely paying attention.