Best Friend or True Friend?

@men82in (1270)
December 26, 2007 11:01am CST
Why is there a division in Friendship? Best Friend and True Friend. What is the difference between a Best Friend and a True Friend?
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• Philippines
30 Dec 07
Hmm, best friend can be a true friend and true friend can be a best friend so I think there is no really such a difference between the two. :-)
• United States
28 Dec 07
A best friend is your closest friend you will ever have. A true friend is someone who will be there for you no matter what.A person who will always tell you the truth.Your best friend should be a true friend.
@mensab (4205)
• Philippines
26 Dec 07
they are merely labels that at times we interchange. and i think it is OK. as long as we know what we mean by that. a true friend is a treasure that we need to keep. we seldom find such a treasure now. best friend is usually our confidante. it happens that we always hang around with that person or we choose to spend time with her/him. the two labels may not be necessarily two persons. or they may not necessarily exist in our lives. or they exist and yet we don't realize or recognize them. as in any labels, we can always put and retrieve the labels when we want to.
• India
26 Dec 07
There isn't any difference between the two. Only a true friend can be your best friend. Now "true friend" is a species which is rapidly becoming extinct. Nowadays, people formally accept one of their friends as their "best friend" based upon how useful he/she has been to them. Once he/she has ceased to be useful, they just select another "best friend". Friendship nowadays is no more than a business contract.