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December 26, 2007 11:14pm CST
After looking at countless electric bicycles on the internet, I think the one I want is an IZip Electric Commuter bicycle. It is a step-through (which is absolutely necessary for me), has a "trunk", a front basket, and pretty much everything I could want. Or so it appears. What I want to know from you is your opinion of this or any other electric bicycle, where I could possibly get a used one (the cost of a new one is $699),is there anywhere in St. Louis that sells them, and anything else you might add. I'd appreciate any info or input. Thanks.
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13 Nov 08
I looked at electric bikes for a while and even got my wife and electric scooter, but at the end of the day we decided we were faster on a traditional bike, and less likely to run out of batteries. SRAM was making a "Spark" for a while which had an electric rear hub that you just put on whatever bike you were riding, but they never marketed it in the US so I never got my hands on one.
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17 Nov 08
Troubleum, thanks so much for responding!!!! I have a cruiser bike and love it - but - it just gets harder for me to ride it up those darn inclines and I feel if I had a little help, like a motor, it would be infinitely easier. Duh. But check out sbebc.com and take a look at their electric bikes. It's the Santa Barbara Electric Bicycle Company. And I know that the batteries don't last for huge amounts of time, but for my purposes, I think it would be perfect. I ride around my neighborhood, doing errands, going to my favorite watering holes, and I enjoy it so much, and an electric bicycle would be a wonderful thing for me. Ahhh, soon, I hope. Maybe by next summer. But till then, I'll keep riding my beloved cruiser, Sapphire, a Giant Simple Single. I've been riding almost 6 years now and I've grown much stronger, which I'm grateful for. Keep riding, Troublegum, it's a wonderful thing. And thanks again for stopping by. Be safe, and most of all, HAVE FUN!!!
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17 Nov 08
Back when I was in shape I was out riding my bike with my son in a trailer. I met an older guy who had an electric assist for exactly the reasons you were saying. We were riding one of the favorite local loops and came to the bottom of a hill when a guy in full spandex and a road bike blew by us and was really pushing it up the hill. I guess the competative thing kicked in and I started pushing hard too. The guy with the electric assist kicked it on and to make a long story short, the poor spandex guy got passed at the top of the climb by some kid in a trailer and an old guy. It was beautiful.
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30 Jan 09
Hi! how you doing?
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4 Feb 09
How in the world did I miss this?????? Hi yourself, you great big hunk of hot love, you! And I'm doing pretty ok. Too many medical issues, but all in all, honey, I've got nothing to complain about. ANd seeing this this morning truly brightened my day, Exey. I love ya, kiddo and I miss ya too. But sometimes life doesn't allow us to play as much as we want to. I've been pretty scarce on the Lot lately but I'm trying to spend a little more time here. It seems generally healthier if I do, ya know? These people can really cheer a body up. Yeah! Just like you did for me just now!!!!! A million kisses and a billion hugs, babe. xxx