How to get extra cash for parties and food hehe.

January 6, 2008 12:43am CST
Hi My name is Per and I'm from Sweden, as many other I am a student at a college, and my biggest problem is money. Here in sweden many students have problems with money because of the high rents and hard to find jobs. But I found a way and that's sitting at home clicking ads and signing up for sites and getting paid, so it's starting to look better for me, and therfore I now want to share this with you, since many have the same problem. These are tested and are safe and If you need more information just mail me. This one earns me about 20cents/day 2dollar min cashout this one is manual surf exchange and i use it for donkeymails when i have time to spare this one generates about 50 cents a day, and much much more when i have time to the signups . 1 dollar min cashout this one generates about 20cents a day 15 dollar min cashout, but you get as much as 75% from what your referalls make, which can be much this one generates between 20 and 60 cents.. and 100% of referalls 10dollar min cashout this one various, it always has either 4 3cent link or 4 2 cents links and sometimes more or less. this one is also nice with signups and the best thing is has 25 cents cashout, so when i need money badly and dont have enough from the others i use this one All of these add up and monthly can make quite nice amount of money. I have more if you want but these are the best imo. I spend about 20mins a day clicking and making these amounts, quite nice right? Any questions or guidelines just msg me. GL HF
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• China
6 Jan 08
Hi,Welcome to myLot1 My name is Jin, I am from China, and I'm a college student like you! Thanks for sharing! I do need it! I appreciate your general!
• Sweden
7 Jan 08
forgot to say that is the best in all aspects if you are lucky with referalls, and is hugely trusted