being a programmer

January 9, 2008 6:28pm CST
as I have observe,being a programmer is really quite difficult mostly if you don't have the interest to be a good programmer.yeah,I have encountered many difficulties about making a computer programs even I am still in first year.Maybe it is because I am only having a little knowledge about it because I am only starting to learn but my instructor said,all programmers started from difficulties.that's why, I continued studying it so that I could be a good programmer someday..I want to prove that I Can do all that the others can do. how about you,do you feel also that computer programmers is quite difficult?
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• Philippines
17 Dec 08
being a programmer also has a difficulty too... its not just a average typing class that you learned but its more complicated thing... for me,it requires your motivation and courage... i treat programming as a game for me... ]lots of codes to study but...its worth studying for.. hehehehehe happy mylotting!!!
@Andrej7 (66)
• Slovak Republic
22 Feb 08
You will never be a programmer if you don`t like it. And also it requires long hours of practicing. What is your motivation to became a programmer ? Just for fun see following link: and try to beat all that kid programmers.