Where would all the PTC/PTR/PTP go without PayPal !

February 1, 2008 1:34pm CST
What if your paypal account gets blocked by receiving payment from any of the above sites . What will you do first . Who will you blame it for . PayPal or that site from where you received your payment .
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@david2005 (800)
• Canada
10 Feb 08
If there were no paypal then you would have to except other payment methods like alertpay and moneybookers.
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@Jlyn12 (56)
• United States
16 Feb 08
I'm a member of Bux.to, who switched to AlertPay. I have already joined and am glad that the transition has gone pretty smoothly. It wasn't good news, but in this case, nothing was frozen, they just had to select another payment processor. I feel very comfortable with AlertPay.
@trinale (1480)
• United States
2 Feb 08
I would blame the sites for not completing the required paperwork and will not do business with any that don't use PayPal. PayPal does occasionally put pressure on business owners, but as a consumer, I really appreciate that. I've come across a few who don't always own up and with PayPal, you will get it resolved or your money back. I don't feel that comfortable with any of the other payment processors out there. Ed
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• United States
1 Feb 08
Well firstly I think that would ever happen because paypal is being used by its users, they wouldnt just block from those sites because then they would loose alot of users! Secondly it wont really matter because there are tons of other online bank programs such as e-gold, moneybookers, alert pay... etc.
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