February 6, 2008 8:52am CST
let me share a dream i had the other night.. i dream about my classmate who was hurt because sh hit herself by the door.. in my dreams, i saw her having her mouth bleeding and her teeth as well.. here in the Philippines, we have this premonition that once you dream of teeth it means someone will die.. since i forgot i dream about it, i was so shocked when my friend told me the horrible news that her boyfriend died.. :(
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• United States
7 Feb 08
WOW Definately de-ja-vu! lol... Im so sorry to hear that! I hope I never dream about teeth any time soon. Good luck!
• Philippines
8 Feb 08
thanks for your reply.. it;s in our culture that when you dream about teeth, someone close to you will die.. well, it's just a superstition and there's nothing wrong with believing it..
@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
6 Feb 08
I have never heard that superstition, sorry about her boyfriend.. When you are preggo you have some pretty weird dreams, last night i drempt that i found a cockroach, and i've never even seen one in person before i dont think, and i couldnt kill it, and it was gross and i couldnt get rid of it! lol. it was HUGE!! like almost the size of my hand!!
• Philippines
7 Feb 08
yup! i think it was a premonition that i cant get rid of.. it really bothers me why of all people he was the one that wag caught in that situation.. i love my friend so much and i know how much she is hurt of the fact that his boyfriend for almost five years is already gone.. as a friend, im also hurt..