Do you feel the need to poop after drinking soda?

@shaggin (36287)
United States
February 17, 2008 9:46pm CST
I never really drank much soda before but during my second pregnancy I craved it so much that I started to drink it a lot. Now that I have to children I'm so tired I drink it to help keep me awake. None of the soda was helping very much so I started drinking Mountain dew as my sister drinks it and said it is the only soda that works to keep you awake. Well my husband showed me why that it has about double the caffeine amount then the other sodas I was drinking. Well usually I can drink soda all day and feel fine but after drinking 2 mountain dews I was all jittery. It doesnt do that to me much anymore since I'm more used to drinking it but I seem to poop a lot more now that I drink it lol. This is a really weird discussion I know but I am assuming that caffeine must be a type of laxative type thing. Does this happen to you when you drink soda?
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@AJ1952Chats (2340)
• Anderson, Indiana
25 Mar 08
Mountain Dew--or any other kind of soft drink--has never affected me that way (at least, I didn't associate it with a trip to the bathroom), and I've never noticed any bad side-efects from it, either. However, as I was growing up, the slogan for it went, "Ya-Hoo! Mountain Dew! It'll tickle yer innards!" So, I guess it must have tickled yer innards! I have a friend who went all the way through school with me (that is, from the time that I was in first grade and he was in second grade until he graduated in 1970 before I graduated in 1971), and he shared something with me one time about feeling like a laxative. He said that there were a couple of other women he talked to, and one of them would tell him that she had to hang up and go to the bathroom while the other one would just stay on and talk to him while she went. In each case, they told him that they had been constipated for days but that talking to him got them so relaxed that the were able to do their business. I peed a few times while I was talking to him, but that wasn't because he was a diuretic but, instead, because several of our conversations went on for hours, so, naturally, I was going to need to pee at least once during them. Speaking of which...I've just thought of an interesting topic to discuss, so I'm off to post it...
• Anderson, Indiana
25 Mar 08
Okay! My question is posted--only by somebody else who did it first several months ago, so I answered it. This is where you can find it...
• United States
19 Feb 08
Soda has never made me feel the need to poop. And I drink quite a bit of it. Mountain Dew was bad for me, I drank it a lot and it made me like kinda wound up. My daughter isnt even allowed to have mtn dew for the fake one sip and shes bouncing off the walls til 2-3 am.
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@manya_pearl (1905)
• Singapore
24 Feb 08
No, i never feel to poop after drinking soda. Its happened to me after drinking coffee... argg!
@lilybug (21148)
• United States
18 Feb 08
Not that I have ever noticed. I know I have heard that coffee makes you go more often, but I am not sure if it is the caffeine or something else in the coffee.