son's bike come back

February 26, 2008 5:31pm CST
about one year ago,i give the bike go my son,he is fourteen years old,i made a secret mark under the seat of it ,the mark was difficult for others to find or understand,son knows it,he kept close watch on it .but a few months later,it was stolen,we were unhappy about the loss. yesterday,when he went to school ,i came downstairs ,i saw a bike verylike myson's,it lock was badly damaged,i had a look under the seat ,the mark which i had made was there ,!!i was wure that it was my son's bike,i decided to take it back ,i quichly carried it upstairs into my room. after a short rest ,i went downstairs ,again ,i saw a man walk to the place where the bike had been a moment before ,he looked like a bad fellow ,he stood there dumbfounded ,he looked about and then he left surprised and silent . my bike is back !my son said to me happily .thatis my happist day!!
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@youless (93132)
• Guangzhou, China
2 Mar 08
I am so glad for you. You are just so lucky to find your bike. The stolen bike cases seemed to be very common about 15 years ago. Nowadays it is not usual any more as the thieves think the bikes are not worth a lot. I bought a brand new bike last year and it only costs me about RMB200. This year I gave it to my sister-in-law as I don't use it any more.
• China
22 Mar 08
yes,thanks ,maybe the thieves think the bike is not worth a lot.i hope ur siter-in-law will provided with your bike. thanks for your response.