happy day!!!!!!!!!

United States
February 27, 2008 2:36am CST
So I just moved to this little town. I'm a solid two hour drive from the nearest casino. I've only played live one time because the casinos are so far. Then earlier today my cable froze. I quickly began channel flipping, only channels I found to be working were the local ones. So I left it on one of them that had the news running. When I hear the commercials in the backround, I hear the citys name I am in, and poker in the same sentice needless to say my attention was on it like white on rice. Low and behold there is a website. www.owossopokerroom.com So I hop on the computer look it up for the address of this, and OMG it's barely a mile from my house! They got cash games, they got SNG's and multi table tourneys with the largest one being $100. Since I'm a small stakes player online this is perfect. I'm going there either tommrow or the next day for sure! I can't believe my luck! Happy Day! Happy Day!
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