my musik,,

@msanin (131)
February 28, 2008 6:18pm CST
I love music.. it means inspiration, relaxation, and expression of many feelings.... i listen to music when I am stressed or when i feel alone.. But what kind of music you are able to listen? .. well for me; it depends on the occasion, sometimes i am kinda sad so i like to listen sentimental songs, not to loudly music.. when i am in a good mood i like to listen music to dance.. there are certain types of music for each mood.. i think the only kind of music and cant handle is heavy metal.. but theres music for everyone so i respect that.. what kinda music u like to listen to?
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• Malaysia
3 Mar 08
I love listening to r&b and pop, and especially love listening to ballads. I also like to listen to soft rock and alternative songs at times.
@edaabby (134)
• Malaysia
29 Feb 08
i love music too. When i happy i like to listen music like pop or rock or dance music like song by p diddy and keisha cole song last nigth. When i'm sad i love to listen balada music like song by fergie, big gurls don cry... I love music very much, music is my life. I don know how our life without music...
@martus (122)
• Philippines
29 Feb 08
Same here, i listen to a certain kind of music according to occasion and my mood. Like when i feel i am in love i will listen to love songs, when angry i listen to metal and its likeness, when i am making my programming project, I listen to dance music. So basically, i don't have any music preferences or music that i am more inclined to.