As The World Turns??

@myrith (1830)
February 29, 2008 1:19pm CST
Poor Henry, no luck with women, What will happen now? Will Carly and Jack be able to catch a killer? Brad and Katie? yak,yak,yak! Who is the Ex-Con?
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@patgalca (14664)
• Orangeville, Ontario
1 Mar 08
Ah, these storylines get on my nerves sometimes. Why the heck didn't Henry just tell Vienna that he was doing a little undercover work for Jack? What would have been so wrong in that? That's just plain stupid. I really don't want Katie and Brad together but it looks like that's where it's headed, and Jack and Carly are getting close again. Bleh! I wanted Jack and Katie together. Why did she have to be so stubborn when he wanted to come back? Though I certainly would be pissed off if my husband turned his back to me in bed on our wedding night. The ex-con is someone Casey met in jail, I guess, and works for Gray. I just don't know what their ulterior motive is. What are they after with the Hughes family?
@myrith (1830)
• Canada
1 Mar 08
You and me both, sometimes I feel like I could throw something at the TV screen, then I realize I'd be out of a All the storylines on all the soaps suck, they never do what you want them to,I dont see why Henry couldn't have told her, it would have made a big difference, Katie and Brad, something will stop them. Jack and Carly for another go around, I hope not.I know the ex-con is a "friend" of Casey, he is up to no good.See they knocked out katie and Brad, what's next? Thanks for the reply.