Social Workers

March 2, 2008 1:46am CST
I have no use for social workers. They are interfering in my life and telling me what to do! Instead of giving help that I feel I need, like someone to help me in the house, they want to take my two oldert sons out of my house! I don't agree and they don't want to go. How can I get out of this?
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@avonrep1 (1862)
• United States
2 Mar 08
Social Workers are normally suppose to be there to protect children. I see you live in Israel and I do not know your laws nor social system as I have only read about that stuff. In America, sometimes social workers, get involved and are not needed, but most of the time, they see that and only separate children from their parents, when the children are in danger, not saying yours are. I do not know your situation. Things happen in our lives, that we can not control, the only thing we can do is learn from life and try to make our lives better. With that said, I also know there is a lot of violence happening in your country, as a mother, I think I would be taking my children and fleeing into a safer zone, some way some how. I am amazed, that so many people stay in an area with so much violence, with their children in tow. I feel so bad for you and your family, to be in this situation. I really don't know what to say.
• Israel
2 Mar 08
The violence problems are in the south of Israel, I live in Jerusalem which is pretty safe. There is no violence in my family, and the children are safe. I changed my carreer from a full time secretary to a teacher. I only work 16 hours a week outside the home, and if the social workers would let me stop going to these apppointments I'd be at home all the rest of the time, except for one afternoon when my mother comes to take care of the children while I finish up my teacher's credential.