Was it just my hubby and I yesterday...

@cortjo73 (6500)
United States
March 4, 2008 11:48am CST
...or did anyone/everyone else run into every A-hole on the road all day yesterday? I was walking back from the mailbox at my job yesterday. There is no sidewalk so I had to walk next to the curb and this old koot looking beyatch drove as close to me with her car as she could get without hitting me, all the while staring me down for having the gull to walk on the street back from the mailbox. Believe me, if there was a sidewalk, I would have walked on it. But, there isn't so, WTF was I supposed to do? I just stared back at her, put my hands up in the air and mouth the WTF. Ugh! Then, on the road, in my car on my way home, there was just as much aggression as a beyatch in her honking huge hummer road my butt on a busy, fast highway that tends to have a lot of stop and go just as soon as you start getting speed up. I just about stopped my car and got out to go ask her how my butthole smells with her nose so far up it! Sheesh! Then, my hubby told me about 5 people nearly ran him over while he was out on his run. He also so and experienced other people being aggressive on the road in his car. What the fedge was up yesterday? Did anyone else experience such blatant aggression on the road?
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