Who likes Metal Gear Solid Games.

United States
October 30, 2006 9:52pm CST
Overall on my rating scale this I believe is a totall 8/10 on points not all really for graphics, but more over for it moments where you forget whats going on around you and for good game play. Literally my sister came in the door with a loud bang and didn't even notice I swear in my video game mind I heard the hinges creak open and security camera set off a warning for my house but was completely oblivious to it until she was right next to me. I definetly think this has a good fun ratio. Especially after you get the stealth chip and ammo bandana. As these are really fun to use to screw around with the game people when i'm invisible and extreme. I really don't use the bandana all that much however. A SECOND LOOK REVIEW 9/10= If a video game is fun it deserves a second look due to fans on another website poll it was decided that many other games wouldn't have existed. Example would be Splinter Cell Series. This game wouldnt have even been thought up without Metal Gear Solid. If you have any commennts let me know. Your video game man mharmon1.
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