I am starting work for a new adult site today

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
March 11, 2008 9:10pm CST
I have finally chosen and been approved for a second web camming site. I need to augment the money that I currently make online. I am one of those people that likes to work from home, and enjoys working from home but doesn't want to have to pay the company that I work for a monthly fee or something so that I can promote their business for them! If they need advertisers or telemarketers they should say so and then they should pay them ulike most of these so called MLM sites, where that is basically what you do, you make phone call after phone call trying to find someone who is interested in your "opportunity" who also wants to spend the monthly membership fee. Working for a known and acceptable rate is much more sensible to me. I just don't seem to be making the kind of money that I used to or that I am used to making on nite that I have been using for years, so I have decided to try new things and new sites, the first that I tried was awful and did not have the traffic on it to sustain even the two girls (me and one other) on it. So now I am a webcam cutie. Hopefully this works out better than the last one. Wish me luck!
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