How long to wait until attunement #2?

March 12, 2008 10:15am CST
How long should one wait until doing attunement number 2? I have heard anywhere from one week until 3 months. What has been your experience?
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• Grenada
24 Mar 08
Namaste I have to agree with my friend Steve. Indeed each individual have to trust their intuition as it has to do the period between attunements. Usually the practioner starts to feel a kind of "thirst" for more light, a need to upgrade their level and then I believe that is the best time to receive the next level. Light and Joy
• Singapore
12 Mar 08
I think you should at least wait one month. But I think I had mine either 1 day or 1 week after #1. I can't remember to be honest. It has been quite a few years already. 3 months is a good guide though - I would say, don't rush into it. Try to fully experience the process. And... try to get a reputable teacher even if it is more expensive. I don't have anyone to recommend though.
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• India
21 Mar 08
Its a very personal thing & varies person to person & teacher to teacher. Best to trust your own Intuition. My personal experience is that its better to wait for a sufficient time & also follow your teachers advice. There are many factors that can affect the gap.... Assimilation of the Attunement: One should be comfortable with the level of energy,getting used to higher levels of esoteric energy, be Confident of channeling healing energy. Detoxification: this depends on the amount of blockages you have & the amount of energy you are able to channel. Detoxification does not affect your health adversely but in fact makes you feel better. Much bad has been said about it. Personally I have never seen it affecting the day to day affairs of an individual. One might get temporary symptoms like loose motion or headaches. Never anything adverse. If you take an extreme case it can be of a blockage or disease ignored for a long time. Reiki just brought it out as it needed attention. Type of Modality: Some modalities have a high energy level & takes some time to getting used to. Learning Curve: Its preferable to learn new & better healing methods than to jump to the next level or an Attunement in another modality. Presuming that you are referring to Usui Reiki level 2 I would advise you to take the Attunement anytime after 21 days or a month. Better not to delay it for too long. some people do loose interest. Ask your higher self. Are you ready for it? For degree 3 you can delay a bit. No probs. Again reminding you its a completely personal preferance. God Bless, Stephen
• Israel
26 Mar 08
Thank you very much for your comment!! Great information!
• Australia
6 Aug 08
I had my Reiki 2 attunement 2 weeks after my Reiki 1 attunement. It doesn't matter, you don't have to wait long. I could feel the power of the 2nd attunement already! The symbols are so powerful, i feel so much more advanced now i've completed Reiki 2. I also have more confidence about it. I just bought a massage table and am starting my own Reiki business from home. How about you? Are you using Reiki for personal or business use, or both? How do you find it benefits you?
• United States
8 May 08
I say that waiting at least a month before your next attunement is ideal, however, ideally the next attunement should take place whenever you feel ready for it to happen. Making it happen too soon is a really bad idea, it doesn't give the practionner time to get used to the energy of reiki. Waiting too long may make them bored and unninterested.