why do men like cheating while they a married?

March 19, 2008 5:55am CST
what do men like? can we separete? but then if it happens my kids!its asituation where am amother of two kids but then ma husband goes in to marry another girl she gave birth to a baby girl.so can i leave him coz am still young though amother.
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@aowaow (1517)
• Indonesia
15 May 08
It's better if you can explain for more specific about your situation. We may help to find out why he cheated on you.
• Philippines
20 Mar 08
I am so sorry to hear about your marriage. You must think about this Nhajalah- if your husband still loves and respects you and your children, definitely he will not get to the point on entering another relationship knowing that his family needs him. If a marriage die because 1 person doesn't have any love for the other then it should end. It might be harder for your kids to see their parents in an ugly state, trying to mend the pieces but nothings' ever working out. It might be traumatic for them as they grow up. So you have 2 options, stay with him and just bear what he does, or leave him and just mind your life and your kids life. You said it right- you're still young.
• Hyderabad, India
19 Mar 08
Seperation is the last resort for an unhappy marriage. Fault lies with both sides not only one side. This is pathetic, what reply do you want he marries another lady and he becomes father to another child. This is absolutely i dont have words. Leave him.
@SHAMRACK (8533)
• India
19 Mar 08
Dear Nhajalah, I do not have words for that, still if you believe and trust in God, a day will come be God these will get solved and moreover we should be sincere to ourself and God whom we trust. It is sure that a better outcome come if we trust in God go accordingly. Still I hope an expert in family counsellings may be helpful for those stresses before making more mess with our own mind. Also please do not consider all men as that, I too am a male. Here in our place there are women who cheat their husband and same with wifes too. It is according the person or individual. Let think of those kids let them be happy they have to grown up love them they will be helpful in future.