A complicated beliefs about reincarnation

reincarnation - the believers of reincarnation.
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March 31, 2008 8:22am CST
Reincarnation is one of the doctrines which is being propagates and upheld by other religions that came from different countries like Buddhism and Hinduism. One taught this doctrine was Chris Butler, a spiritual leader, who is better known as JAGAD GURU. the concept of reincarnation involves rebirth, transmigration of the soul and metempsychosis or the transfer of a soul to different beings. It could be to human, to an animal or to plant. Those who adhere to reincarnation claim that the soul of a man has no beginning and no end. a soul develops a human form only through fusion of the 4 elements -earth, fire,water, and wind. And from there, it will transfer to different life forms when the person dies. It is also believed that this next life form will depend on his karma, or the result of his deeds in his previous life. if the person lived in virtuous, peaceful and orderly life, he will merit a good Karma. and in next life, he will experience abundance, and he will be placed to a much better condition. On the other hand those who lived in wickedness will be accorded a bad karma as a compensation for the sins that he had committed.He will have a miserable condition in his next body. There is also a possibility that a man, whose ways are beast-like, he will become a beast in his next life. There are also those who claim that, a soul will continue migrating to different life forms until the expiration of the earth. And they believe that the world expires every 5,000 years. They say that after 5,000 years a new world will appear, and everything that had happened will transpire once more. And this is a big lie! Do you know that at a present, there are structures of earth whose age is about 7,000 years old? This was discovered by an archaeologist in Kercado, a place near Carnac, Brittany in western France. Based on the latest manner of carbon dating, the tomb that they found in Kercado was approximately built about 4,650 years after Christ was born. Therefore, today,1999, these structures would age about 6,649 years old. And this exceeded the 5,000-year mark, which they say, is the expiration of the earth. And one more thing, are you that scientist had unearthed remains of a woman who lived about 200,000 years ago? This was published in Newsweek magazine in 1988. If it is true that the earth expires every 5,000 years, then no fossils of this sort could have been found. The same with the remains in Kercado. This only leads to a definite conclusion that, this belief is not true! And never will it become acceptable to a sensible man who considers archaeological facts. The complicated beliefs about reincarnation result out of the people's ignorance of what actually happens to a person after death. If we are going to use the bible as our basis, we will find out that, the belief in reincarnation is wrong, According to the bible, the death of a person means that everything about him also ends, and he will only have to wait for a God's Judgment Day. This is what HEBREW 9:27 states- " And as it is appointed unto men once to die: but after this the judgment".
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2 Apr 08
i dont care if there is really reincarnation , the more important is our life today. we have belived on what we see today than believing of what we cant see. however i still belive in God even i cant see him. because i dont know why?
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3 Apr 08
thats the most important to believe in God the true God in the bible, not only to believe but to act with a lot of good works,you dont know why youre here? God has its purpose and you have mission in life. to serve God with all our hearts