What can we do to save our environment?

@jidesh (283)
April 5, 2008 9:34am CST
This is a very important topic and I want every member to say something here, atleast say a few lines, about what we together can do to save our environment (as the title say).. It is about global warming and to save our environment. I working on a project about global warming and thats why I really want to know what you have to say on this topic. I want us to discuss the main problem in our environment. Heavy traffic! Why do people drive so much car still they know that it is a problem? For some people it is very IMP to drive car but not everytime? What can we do? How can everybody together work on this to come to a solution? There are a lot of other problems we have in our environment. What dcan we say about that? I went to a primary school for three days back and there we discussed about cars and global warming. I must say all the children were very active on this topic and each child had to say something. I am so glad to see that there is not only us adults who are interested in Global warming and our environment but also the children are. I would love to read what members have to say
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@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
5 Apr 08
Hello,jidesh! the green house effect is causing melting of glaciers that are precious reservoirs of clean water.not only the melt destroy the world's fresh water reservoirs,it is projected to cause floods and droughts,reduce the area of arable lands,adversely impact fish and food stocks,erode coastlines as sea levels rise and trigger large movement of populations to safer areas.climate refugees could face hostility from local residents and this could lead to conflicts.large scale migration and competition for resources could become a serious security challenge.so it is every ones responsibility to check the process of degradation of the environment and save this world from the devastation.let the first step be reducing use of fuel let us make some resolution to stop using bikes and cars at least one day in every week and plant a tree in every month.if we can do this than it would be a great achievement for us.thank you.
@jiangsl (377)
• China
5 Apr 08
yeah,it is worrying that the global is becoming warmer and warmer.I have heard the large ice melt in South Pole soon.I always worried it will bring a disaster to human.But I don't know how to save our earth.Maybe we need develop a new energy instead of oil,and we should plant more trees and grass everywhere.