United States
April 7, 2008 8:59am CST
Implode Watch me as I travel down, the realm of remains left undone. Thousands of years ago under the sun. Time passes faster with each coming day. As the merry go round Remains to play with the sands of time. Marching to a new day. Breaking ground as the demon roars. As we watch toasting the anticipation sores. The hatred planted so easily. With a bomb or two thrown so freely. With in the natural simulation. That we are truly at war. It is only sanctification, where the sins become lore. Going round and round, in the placidyl, psychedelic, psychopathic, pathetic remains of the day. The ground breaks open only to release the past, A true trespasser’s disaster, for the remains that last. The rings now broken, as shallow graves Reaching with in with out a soul to save. Pandora’s box is so very enticing. However the price to open the domain. The simulation now real, the hand now twisted, on hollowed ground. How does the shoe from the other foot feel. To destroy, seek, maim, desire, deploy. Rings broken one by one. As a new day sets, upon the quiet sun. Is the merry go round moving to fast or perhaps it is you that is cast like pearls in the slop. Neglecting, negating, negotiating, souls. Leaving the space of time itself to watch the world implode. All work is copyrighted Aingealicia 2008
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• Philippines
11 Apr 08
oh how nice the way you write a poem.. if you dont mind im karl from philippines
• United States
12 Apr 08
I don't mind at all Karl. Thank you for the compliment. I have a few more that I will be posting. Ainge