How's your morning today?

@yoj118 (329)
April 9, 2008 11:39am CST
I woke up early today at 6 in the morning because i had a phone call from my mom-in-law whose in japan..had an early chitchat about things going around there and here at home...actually i felt so tired afterwards and wants to join the comfy of my bed again but i had no choice but to start the day early since i am already i sipped a cup of coffee and then proceeded in front of my pc to check on mylot.. Then after browsing on the discussions i have started, checking on any responses and/or comments from friends, then i started my own discussion again and made comments and replies to other people... afterwards, i paused from doing so because my husband had just arrived from work (he's working nightshift at a call center), so i had to attend to his needs first like preparing meal for him and have a little chitchat too about what happened at his work.. then my kids started to woke up one by one, so i made them milk because they still don't feel like eating breakfast after waking up. they turned on the tv to watch early morning cartoons while my hubby occupied the seat in front of the pc and played commander and generals.. while me on the other hand, just watched them do their thing as i still am not finished sipping my cup of coffee.. how bout' you? how's your morning today?
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@wickedangel (1636)
• Dominican Republic
10 Apr 08
Well I couldn't sleep so I got up around 5am and went straight on the computer. My BF got up around 6.45 and said that he was going snorkling. So I shut everything down, made myself a cup of coffee to take with me to the beach. On the beach I tried to collect some shells but there weren't very many around. I listened to some music and by 8am I got worried as my BF was miles out to sea. So I got a small boat to check up on him and see that he was OK. He came back thinking I was in trouble (his spanish isn't that good). Anyway, we got back home around 8.30am, he had a swim in the pool - obviously hadn't had enough of water! Whilst he cleaned his gear, I made a start at cleaning the windows (we have lots of them!). Around 9am I made an omelette for breakfast and have now returned to the computer around 10am with my second cup of coffee whilst we are listening to music and my BF is reading his book.
@jeanniemay (1803)
• Philippines
9 Apr 08
I can clearly picture what it looks out there in your home. I missed my family, whew! I am living alone and I woke up.. do some of my routines and open my laptop and check around my mail and logged in to mylot too. I woke up quite disturbed though due to some mistakes I did and I got quite confused if it was a mistake. I did never intend it for others to feel bad. Well, anyway, my morning got well when some other mylotter, introduced a good singer and a music. It was relaxing to hear this new sounds and I feel a little better with it.
@amitpuri (457)
• India
9 Apr 08
the morning was all boring!!! dunn having words to write about my morning as i think there was nuffin good about my morning today
• Hyderabad, India
9 Apr 08
My morning is going well. Need to go for work then start up again routing work monotnous. Waiting for the week end it is going to be hetic week ahead for me. have a good day.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
9 Apr 08
It was not so good. A dog tore at the trash on the trailer. My maxi pad dropped in the toilet. I had to rush and clean the kitchen this morning. I had to get my son dressed for school and walk him there. My morning was very hectic.
@kykidd (6819)
• United States
9 Apr 08
My morning is going fairly well. I have mainly been on the internet. I'm trying to get my web site updated and see what's new around and about. Have a great day!