Where were you ?

United States
April 15, 2008 10:18pm CST
You were into the best thought of your past. Your thinking of a love you once had. Where are you you at when you thought of him/her? I am hoping it was not in bed with your current spouse. What is it about your ex that you can't forget? I am hoping these will be the good things about them.. I want to here the good and the bad. Maybe it will make me feel better.
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@winterose (39918)
• Canada
17 Apr 08
first boyfriend, walking down the street and seeing this beautiful gorgeous young man for the first time. I was everything I could ever hope for. I fell for him hook line and sinker. He father lived in the same rooming house I my friend's mother did. I couldn't help but go back to see my friend and her mom every day just hoping I would see him. I was too young he never looked at me seriously until 2 full years later when he finally realized I was alive and then we started going out.
@maddysmommy (16235)
• United States
16 Apr 08
I think of him after I've received an email from time to time. He was my first love or shall I say my first biggest crush I had on a guy, and it never really got to where I wanted it to go because he chose a career path that took him away (he applied to join the army before we met) and the distance relationship thing didn't work at all. We were together for 3-4 months and they were the best months of my life at that time. He had a lot of issues going on at the time with his family, that I was not aware of, and only till recently he told me about them. A little too late but glad he did. At least I understand how it all ended up the way it did but sad because he didn't talk to me about it. I suppose he didn't feel the way I felt about him at the time. Funny thing though after leaving he constantly tracked me down to see how I was doing everytime he was back in town and I mean calling my other exes houses LOL It just wasn't meant to be and I think we met at the wrong time.
@lilybug (21148)
• United States
16 Apr 08
I think about one ex in particular fairly often. He is my daughters father. I think about him when I am in the car driving and I have nothing better to do and sometimes at night when I can't sleep. It is usually after I have talked to him that I think about him. My kids have 2 different dads and I see him being a much better father to my daughter than my sons father is to him. He is really making an effort to be a part of her life even from 100 miles away.