Best Place to invest?

@cbjcink (147)
April 16, 2008 12:32am CST
Where is the Best site to invest on referrals?
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• United States
16 Apr 08
well i can not answer that about referals but i have found a new site that you can join in on and it is somewhat like this site where you meet chat and earn money the kicker is you earn more from your downline and more from is brand new site and is still in the completion stage but if you sign up now you can be on the ground floor and maybe one day be one of those people that you see all the time saying how they made it big. I hope to be one of those. I have learned by doing these sites that if i would have started at the beginning i would have done alot better on it.jsut think sign up now and everyone who is under you will be part of your succes story along with you.go check it out and join now!!! hope you join our team we will all work together to build one of the fastest growing teams of success!!!!!
@cbjcink (147)
• Japan
16 Apr 08
Hi thanks for your response I joined zenzuu
@torkyn (80)
• Australia
17 Apr 08
invest in your best group personally i use the site But if you are looking to get referrals try which is a simple program where you join program get ref credits and put the credits up for people to join your program. it is totally free to so those of you who don't use it you should check it out. i find it a lot easier to use then