Most memorable first date?

April 16, 2008 10:59pm CST
I went for a walk this evening with my sister and we were discussing, some of our most memorable dates, Am curious to know other peoples most memorable first date... For me My most memorable first date was with my current boyfriend, we were in Denmark. We went out to eat at a restaurant and he was asking me what i would like on the menu, i was like "I dont speak Danish, you choose". He didnt know what to pick for me, so he asked me what my favorite number was and he order that number. The waitress brought us our food, it was this large bowl of salad, fancy and all. We both looked at our plates like hmmm this is all we order? Whatever we both ate our food respectfully, then he paid and we left. Once we got out got out of the restaurant, he was like "are you still hungry, Yea your still hungry i know!" LOL So he suggest we walk directly across the street and get a Pizza, and so we did. However inorder to get back home with our take out pizza we had to walk past the restaurant in which we had ate salad at. My boyfriend was like duck down dont let them see us going to eat somewhere else after we had just ate there.
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@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
17 Apr 08
I think the first memorable date ever is when we watched movie together then stroll on the mall. After that, we went to my best friends house then stayed there for few hours and oh boy! my friends likes him :). When we were about to go home, his cousins call asking for us to spend the night over their apartment so that they can meet me as well... We went there, and i stayed overnight. It was the best date ever!
@eigna9187 (113)
• United States
17 Apr 08
The best date i ever had was going to a playground and watching the sun set. I am quite an easy person to please lol...doesn't take much money. It was real sweet though. More fun than i had going to the movies thats for sure