To whom do you talk more often?

@fritzie (141)
April 17, 2008 2:15pm CST
To your mother or to your father? What do you usually talk about? Do you talk regularly?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
18 Aug 10
Well i talk with both mom and dad, we have a team dinner and enjoy discussing
@thaMARKER (3094)
• Philippines
2 Jun 08
I guess I talk to my mother most of the time. We talk just about everything. But I don't discuss problems (mine especially) with her because she's very emotional hehehe.. With my father, we talk when I go home but you don't talk nasty with him. He's a good man and he's got to be taken seriously. hahaha.. He has jokes but not green ones. Makes children laugh too, those kind of jokes..
• China
29 Apr 08
I usually talk with my mother about my work, one times per week.
@MGjhaud (20672)
• Philippines
18 Apr 08
I always talk to my mother often. Although sometimes my buddy in the living room is my father but I talk to my mother more when I'm home. We talk about everything. Like the latest update of my life. She also share things that happen to my town and the ret of the family. About my brothers and the kids. I live away from them actually so I happen to talk to them once in a while but I do send messages and sometimes they call me.