Is telescope is suitable for see objects having distance more than 300,000 KM?

April 23, 2008 2:53am CST
Hi friend i have doubt , first let us take an example suppose u are in 2-D platform. U are at point "o" as origin ,an object "obj" come to u form infinity at velocity 1 meter/sec. Just for easy. when distance between obj and ur sight is 4meter. i) u can see up to 1m fine at correct time ii)but when u see up to 2m , what u have see is 2 second late image at that point, same 3m 3 second late and so on.. ** "obj" has not definite shape , color, lifetime, it may be divide into several object in few second or may be vanished some of them in moment. Now plz imagine how can u justified what u see at any instant is true image away at least 2meter. This is may be apply in our universe when any object away from 300,000 km . what we see is 1 sec delay image. eg: sun obverse in daily life is actually 8.3 minutes late image ,what happens if distance is about millions of light years . if increases our scale use in our example meter to light year we apply this to our universe. so finally Is telescope is suitable for see having distance more than 300,000 km? plz try to understand
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