A Sad Birthday

United States
April 26, 2008 12:47pm CST
Today Is My Birthday And All I Want To Do Is Cry. My Family Has Remembered My Birthday But I Haven't Gotten One Single Card From Anyone. I Know Money Is Tight And It's Not Like I Expected A Big Huge Party Or Anything, As A Matter Of Fact, I Didn't Ask For Anything, Just To Be Happy And Celebrate With Friends And Family And I've Got Nothing. Everybody Is Doing Thier Own Thing And It's Just Like Another Day To Them, Nothing Special. No Cake, No Cards, No Nothing And I'm So Sad, I Don't Know What To Do. I've Never In My Entire Life Had A Birthday Party, Not Even As A Child Because My Mother Was A Single Mom With No Money To Give Parties Cause She Always Celebrated On Her Own As An Alcoholic And I Was Always Jealous When A Friend Would Have A Party. Am I Just Being Selfish? Am I Expecting Too Much? All I Really Want Is To Have A Real Birthday.