How to be a servant of GOD?

May 5, 2008 11:38pm CST
Before I was a member of the Roman Catholic Church, but i seldom go to church, i go to church only if its my birthday. I smoke 2 packs of marlboro, i drinks to dead, i love to go to the bar. Thats my way of life before and i never regret that. One night, at hoke, i was watching TV and i saw this man they called Bro. Eli of ANG DATING DAAN, i was enlightened by the way he preached the Bible. The introduction on the program was "Ask Eli Soriano and the Bible will answer," From that day on, i always watch his program and became interested. A friend of mine invited me to thier coordinating certer to have an indoctrination, and i found out that they really apply what is written in the Bible as a whole, without neglecting any commandment of CHRIST. So i got baptize and now a member of the CHURCH OF GOD INTERNATIONAL. Our preacher will be holding a WORLDWIDE MASS INDOCTRINATION all over the world through our coordinating center worldwide. And im proud to say that we have members from the natives of Nigeria, Africa, Portugal and even America. Im inviting you to listen to our preacher and find out if your congregation is preaching what is in the bible. I have been with the catholic church for 36 years and comparing the things i have learned merely from the indoctrination session, i have not even learned even 1% of what is being thought to us. Again im inviting you to search the truth and i know you will find the truth through our preacher Bro. Eli Soriano. God bless
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• Pakistan
6 May 08
by accepting ISLAM
• United States
6 May 08
Welcome to the Church of God. Life is different outside the Catholic church and organized religion. Have you accepted Christ and said the sinners prayer? Here is a link to his site for anyone who interested. And welcome to myLot!