Info on Barack....

Atlantic City, New Jersey
May 7, 2008 9:02am CST
Okay so this woman at my mother's job....for lack of a better phrase we will call her "this woman"- decided to send this video via email to her co-workers thinking that it would make some change their opinion on their vote about our democratic candidates. I was outraged as how they portrayed Obama, but I have to say that it strengthened my decision as to who to vote for. The fact that Barack refuses to wear a flag pin on his lapel does not make him unpatriotic in my eyes, not in this day and age. I am not a proud American when I think of how we approached going into this unnecessary war. I do not feel like a proud American when there are still hate crimes against those of color- and all men are supposed to be created equal? I am not a proud American when our system cannot even find a way to combat the problem of immigration and finally see that not all immigrants create harm- most are hard working people coming to get a piece of the American dream we all preach so much about. AND- if it really is so that Obama plans to life the ban on talks with terrorists then that alone strengthens my hopes that we can all one day live in peace- globally. Why can't we sit down with these terrorist and get to the root of the problem- maybe come to some agreement and fix a lot of the messes around the world??? Why can't we try something different for a change- because what we are doing thus far ISN'T WORKING. As far as his pastor is concerned- I am very sorry- but alot of what he said I can understand because I feel the same. How are we to expect to go over and start a war and it not come back some day to hit American soil? How do we expect to globally control every aspect of every country- which is what we seem to want to do, and not have them retaliate in some way??? Anyway- I ask my fellow mylotters to take a moment and see this video with an open mind - and please, share your honest thoughts. As I am interested to see how you all feel about how Obama was portrayed in it and how you feel about some of the views of his they spoke of:
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