Champions League Final

May 17, 2008 9:39am CST
1. Chelsea mannager Avram Grant achieved (for Chelsea) what former manager Jose couldnt achieve(for Chelsea) by qualifying the team for the Champions league final and PROBABLY winning it, does this make him a better manager than Jose? 2.Can anyone predict correctly the scores of the final leaue match between Chalse and Man United?
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• Malaysia
21 May 08
Nothing can prove Grant is better than Jose even if he won the Champion league with Chelsea at this time. Jose is the greatest manager of the century as you can see what he have achieves so far within short period of time. And no manager is like Jose when he came to the Premier league he has prove that he is really the special one by winning 2 premier league title, 1 FA cup, 2 Carling cup. Even Benitez only won the champion league with Liverpool and nothing more than that where his regular standard is around 3rd to 4th position in the premier league with Liverpool. Jose's name will always be in our heart that he is the best damn manager even now i can feel it.
@yudhyhg (116)
• Indonesia
18 May 08
i prefer mu than chelsea
@jerzgirl (8058)
• Gloucester City, New Jersey
18 May 08
Welcome to MyLot. I had a bit of a difficult time understanding what you were talking about. But, are you talking about football leagues (called soccer here in the US)? Chelsea and Manchester United? I've been to Manchester and to Chester and I remember seeing names like that on the news and in newspapers. I would say that if they are winning now with a new manager, then yes - that new manager is probably providing some kind of leadership that the former manager didn't. The same thing happened with our local American football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. They improved dramatically after changing coaches. Whether they can stay there is another question; but sometimes, the respect and discipline offered by one man can be just what the team needs. I can't predict, though, what the final scores would be because I just don't follow the sport at all - not here or anywhere. Just to let you know - be sure you respond to other discussions, too, in order to be rated and start registering numbers next to your name. That's where most of my numbers have come from. I started two discussions over a month ago and they STILL aren't answered.